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Press Council Nepal Tilganga, Kathmandu – Press Release

Date: 2075-12-20

Council’s expenses exceeded 2 crores until Second Triannual (Four Months Period)

 Starting from Shrawan (2075) till Falgun (2075) of F.A. 2075/076, Press Council Nepal has made the expenses of 2 corer 38 lacs 67 thousand 4  hundred 96 rupees and 75 paisa. Out of allocated 4 corer and  69 lacs rupees for current F.A., a total of 3 corer 66 lacs and 3 thousand rupees has been released during the period. The details of the expenses made during the period under various heads are as follows:

S.N. Particulars Amount spent
1 Salary 5,876,475.70
2 Communication charges 972,823.18
3 Official expenses 923,523.03
4 Staff training 64,020.00
5 Other Programs 840,034.50
6 Monitoring and Evaluation 474,281.00
7 Travel expenses 500, 485.00
8 Other and Special Allowances 637,189.68
9 Meeting Allowances and travel 1,642,868.51
10 Fuel 345,611.16
11 Water and Electricity Bills 401,788.32
12 Repair and Maintenance 180,000.17
13 Consultancy and service fees 2,518,924.82
14 Miscellaneous 208,726.00
15 New staff supervisor (contract) 1,212,755.02
16 Awareness on Journalists Code of Conduct, Newspaper classification and International relationship & publication related programs (publicity & materials production and publication & distribution) 3,758,320.36
17 Amendment of Council Act, Rules, Bylaws and formulation of the guidelines (publicity & materials production and publication & distribution) 1,52,000.00
18 Genre wise awards for the journalists, Media Dialogue “Journalists and Media with Council Program” (Study, supervision, research) 1,649,667.30
19 Increment on  staff credit fund 1,500,000.00
  Total 23,867,496.75

Summary of the progress made till Second Triannual/quadrimestre

  1. Continuation of study/ investigation on Code of Conducts
  2. Digital Dialogue on Journalists Code of Conducts carried out in Sindhupalchowk and Kathmandu
  3. Conducted Province level “Local Media Promotion Program” in Kanchanpur, Province No. 7
  4. Conducted Province level program on “Working journalism and code of conducts” in Dhankuta, Province No. 1
  5. Conducted one day program on “Literary Journalism and Code of Conducts” in Dang
  6. 39th issue of Samhita Journal published
  7. Abroad study visit of Council Office Bearers under the invitation from Bangladesh
  8. Regarding the amendment of Council’s Act, Rules, Bylaws and formulation of the guidelines:
    1. New draft of the Council’s Act with the amendments prepared and presented;
    2. Draft of Press Council’s staff policy and draft of the classification standards for the monitoring of electronic media are prepared;
    3. Draft for the amendment of newspaper classification standards prepared
    4. Drafts for the amendment of Press Council Nepal Guidelines for the expenditure and procurement policy prepared.
  9. Formulated the standards for Electronic media and interaction made with the stakeholders on “Standards of the classification of electronic media”
  10. As the machine has not been repaired, scanning of the newspapers could not be scanned on time
  11. Process of establishing digital library commenced following the study and research
  12. Press Council Sanima Bank National Journalism Award distributed
  13. Media Dialogue programs conducted in Dailekh, Udayapur, Bajura and Panchthar
  14. Five programs on “Journalists and Media with the Council” carried out
  15. Increment on staff credit fund
  16. Thirty two Television Channels are connected with recording system and started recording and data keeping. Quotations have been called for the procurement of UPS for the battery backup of Monitoring System.
  17. Digital recording and monitoring system established for the monitoring of the newspapers published across the country and it is now under testing. Measures have been taken for the safety of the software as well.
  18. Notice published for the Construction Improvement (Gate Garage construction) and procurement of computers and laptops
  19. Through Media Development Fund,
    1. five media houses are provided with interest free support of Rs. 2,41,615.00;
    2. 35000.00 granted for equipment procurement and
    3. 25000.00 grant support provided for Thesis Writing
  20. Through the Journalists Welfare Fund, 16 journalists are provided with medical treatment support worth Rs. 1,43,000.00

Status of Code of Conducts related cases and settlement

  1. Regarding the breaching of the journalists code of conducts in print media, 63 cases including those found through self monitoring have been handled and 61 of them settled
  2. Regarding the breaching o the journalists code of conducts in electronic media, 313 cases including those found through self monitoring, complaints and public grievances are handled and most of them have been settled


 Online Indexation:

During the period, 1619 online portals applied for the indexation but the number has reached to 1635 by 20 Chaitra 2075 (3 April 2019)


Status of settlement of irregular amounts:

Out of irregular amount of Rs. 7,94,575.00 and advance Rs. 58,000.00 in Press Council Nepal’s Account, Rs. 41,085.00 has been refunded and notice for the refund has been sent for Rs. 6,95,491.


Providing Information:

Both verbal and written information has been provided to various persons regarding Online indexation, Online complain system & proceedings, classification of the newspaper and registration process, status of the complaints, recording of the newspaper, payment of public welfare advertisement, press pass of independent journalist, facilities related with media development fund etc.


Classification of the newspaper:

 For the classification purpose in F.A. 2074/075,

  • 866 applications have been received

Decision is yet to be made by Audit Committee of Circulation for 37 newspapers (either received late or lack some procedures)


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