Press Council Nepal

Orientation for Future Journalists

Kishor Shrestha, Acting President of Press Council Nepal, oriented students studying Bachelor of Arts-journalism, the second year in Pashupati Bahumukhi Campus on “Code of conduct of journalism and Press Council “.

The president said – ‘ The reason behind the violation of Codes of conduct in journalism is the lack of manpower who have studied journalism selectively. Mistakes happen but deliberate mistakes can’t be ignored. In coming days, press council will be more empowered, jurisdictions are being added and no one can stop the press to be more disciplined and managed. Quality education will make the press healthier. And, only properly educated and trained manpower should pursue journalism.”

Member of Indian Press Council C.K. Nayak and faculty of journalism Nawaraj Chalise were also participants of the program.

Photo: Bipul Pandey


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